XXV EFMC International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry

 Ljubljana, Slovenia    September 2-6, 2018


Excursions require a minimum number of participants to register. If the required minimum is not met, the excursion will be cancelled and we will refund the excursion amount. All the excursions will be on Wednesday 5th September starting at 15:30.

EXCURSION 1: Culinary tour

Explore the flavours of Ljubljana. Join a guided city tour including tasting sessions of traditional Ljubljana dishes and get to know the city's culinary offerings and their historical tradition.

Price per person: 40,00€
Minimum number of participants: 5 - Maximum 30
Duration: 3 hours

EXCURSION 2: Bicycle Plecnik tour (FULLY BOOKED)

If you love architecture and if you love biking, then continue reading. I've got a fabulous idea on how to spend time in Ljubljana actively, see architectural gems and learn something on the way. It’s called the Plecnik bike tour, which will take you all over Ljubljana, where you’ll meet works from the city’s favourite architect.

Price per person: 27,00€
Minimum number of participants: 5 - Maximum : 30
Duration: 3 hours

EXCURSION 3: Wine experience (FULLY BOOKED) 

Would you like to know why Slovenia is one of the best undiscovered wine lands in the world? Treat yourself to a tasting of nine wines originating from three wine-growing regions and thoroughly discover the richness of Slovenian viticulture.

Price per person: 58,00€
Minimum number of participants: 5 - Maximum: 30
Duration: 3 hours

EXCURSION 4: Regular city tour: Historical city centre and Ljubljana Castle

Join this regular Ljubljana city tour available daily, take a walk around the historical city centre, and explore all of its major attractions. Continue with a visit to Ljubljana Castle and treat yourself to beautiful views of the city from the castle's ramparts.

Price per person: 15,00€
Minimum number of participants: 5 - Maximum 50
Duration: 2 hours

EXCURSION 5: Ljubljana Castle Time Machine: From the Roman City of Emona to the 20th Century + Town Hall Tour

Join a time travelling tour through six groundbreaking periods in the history of Ljubljana Castle in the company of costumed castle guides impersonating different historical personalities. The tour of Ljubljana's Town Hall will take you through a number of rooms which have so far not been open for public viewing. It offers an insight into the rich history of a building which stands as one of Ljubljana's most striking Baroque monuments.

Price per person: 23,00€
Minimum number of participants: 15 - Maximum 30
Duration: 2 hours